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The Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) is a shared microscopy resource center specializing in state-of-the-art laser-based fluorescent microscope technologies, including live cell and in vivo imaging, confocal and 2-photon microscopy, fluorescent lifetime imaging, light-sheet microscopy, super resolution techniques, spinning disk confocal, and patterned illumination for optogenetic manipulation and readout.

The MIC houses 19 major microscope systems in nearly 2000 square feet of space in the Life Sciences Addition Building (LSA) and 600 square feet of space in the Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences (LKS). Over 250 researchers access the MIC every year, and over 100 new researchers are trained each year.

The Berkeley Molecular Imaging Center has 4 primary functions:

The MIC is a joint venture between the Cancer Research Laboratory (CRL), the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB). It is designed to serve the entire campus community, from biological research to chemistry, physics and material science applications.

The Managing Director of the Molecular Imaging Center is Holly Aaron. Ehud Isacoff is the scientific faculty advisor for the Molecular Imaging Center and Russell Vance, Director of the Cancer Research Laboratory, serves as the administrative faculty advisor. Judith Yee serves as the financial administrator. The MIC operates as a recharge facility under the guidance of the campus recharge committee.

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