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Poster information for AIM2020

The poster session for AIM is Thursday evening, January 30. You may put up your poster between 5 – 6 PM on Thursday, January 30. Posters should be removed by Friday morning. Poster submission is now closed. Only student presenters are eligible for poster prizes (see below).

AIM2020 Posters

2020 AIM Posters

Contest for student presenters. Students indicated in BOLD

  Authors Institutions Title
1 Emily K Lam1, Julia Maria Torres-Velarde1, Kaitlin N Allen1, Daniel E Crocker2,Tania Zenteno-Savín3, Jorge Urbán Ramírez4 and José Pablo Vázquez-Medina1 Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley1, Department of Biology, Sonoma State University2, Planeación Ambiental y Conservación, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste3, Programa de Investigación de Mamíferos Marinos, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur4 Direct reprogramming of dermal fibroblasts derived from Northern elephant seals into muscle cells
2 Anneliese MM Gest, Evan W Miller UC Berkeley Expanding VF-FLIM: New Strategies for Optical Estimation of Membrane Potential with FLIM
3 Henry Pinkard, Hratch Baghdassarian, Adriana Mujal, Ed Roberts, Daniel Friedman, Matthew F. Krummel, Laura Waller UC Berkeley, UCSF Machine learning-controlled in vivo imaging of large samples using standard candles
4 Hongquan Li, Lucas Valenzuela, Ethan Li, Deepak Krishnamurthy, Hazel Soto-Montoya, Maxime Voisin, Pranav Vyas, Manu Prakash Stanford University Octopi: democratizing automated microscopy for diagnostics and research
5 Jonathan Tyson, Kevin Hu, Ling Chu, Phylicia Kidd, Joerg Bewersdorf, Alanna Schepartz Yale University, UC Berkeley Design and Synthesis of Novel, Near-IR Emitting Spontaneously Blinking Fluorophores for Live Cell, Long Time-lapse Nanoscopy of Multiple Targets
6 Valentina Ferro, Aaron Sun, Cyna Shirazinejad Advanced Bioimaging Center The Capabilities and Applications of the MOSAIC: Multimodal Optical Scope with Adaptive Imaging Correction
7 Deepto Mozumdar, Kim Quach, Amy Doerner, Alanna Schepartz UC Berkeley, Yale University (GSASS) Resolving the structure of a crystallographically intractable region of EGFR using imaging tools
8 Björn-Ole Meyer, M. Pilar J. Stella, Dominik Marti, Peter E. Andersen DTU Health Tech Spectrally resolved multiphoton microscopy for the identification of biomarkers
9 Rongwen Lu*, Yajie Liang*, Guanghan Meng*, Pengcheng Zhou, Karel Svoboda, Liam Paninski, and Na Ji UC Berkeley  Rapid mesoscale volumetric imaging of neural activity with synaptic resolution
10 K Jones, S Dao, J Lim, K Hanton, G Chen and T Elul Touro University California Quantitative image analysis defines cell biological mechanisms for cannabinoid receptor CB1R in regulation of growth cone filopodia and axons projections in optic axons in situ
11 Simon P. Poland, Maddy Carpenter, Kelly O’Toole, Melissa Méndez, Thomas Kavanagh, Hanning Mai, Richard Walker, Andrea Serio, Robert K. Henderson and Simon M. Ameer-Beg King’s College London, London UK. Francis Crick Institute, London, UK. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK SWARM: One Thousand parallel time-correlated single photon counting microscopes for massively parallel confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging
12 Émilie Beaulieu Ouellet, David Rioux, Stephen Marchant, Sébastien Blais-Ouellette Photon etc. Real-time small animal imaging in the second biological window (NIR-II) with IR VIVO
13 Jenu Chacko, Kevin Eliceiri LOCI, University of Wisconsin Madison Time-resolved anisotropy for cellular metabolic interpretations
14 Rupsa Datta, Allison Lau, Sharanya Sivanand, Matthew Vander Heiden, Melissa Skala Morgridge Institute for Research, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, University of Wisconsin Madison  Optical redox imaging to probe tumor-stroma interaction
15 Yang Yang Brookhaven National Laboratory Correlative imaging on sub-cellular targets of drug delivery
16 Øystein I. Helle, Jean-Claude Tinguely, Firehun T. Dullo, David A. Coucheron, Marcel Lahrberg, Olav-Gaute Hellesø, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Department of Physics and Technology On-chip multi-technique TIRF nanoscopy
17 T. Kavanagh, V. Devauges, M. Carpenter, K. Leong, C. Treacy, S. P. Poland,  A. Beavil, S. M. Ameer-Beg King’s College London Single Molecule Imaging of Fluorescence Anisotropy
18 Cara R. Schiavon, Tong Zhang, Bing Zhao, Leonardo Andrade, Melissa Wu, Tsung-Chang Sung, Yelena Dayn, Jasmine W. Feng, Andrew S. Moore, Omar A. Qunitero, Robert Grosse, Gerald S. Shadel, Uri Manor Salk Institute of Biological Studies, USA, University of Freiburg, Germany, University of Richmond, USA, Janelia Research Campus, USA Actin chromobody imaging reveals sub-organellar actin dynamics
19 Peter Brown Arizona State University An apparatus for dual SIM and SPIFI imaging


Poster Size

Posters should be 30″ x 40″ in either orientation. 

Poster Prizes

All student poster presenters (graduate or undergraduate) are eligible for a poster prize and must be present to win as the criteria for winning includes presentation. The top 3 student posters will win cash equivalent prizes, sponsored by Boston Electronics. Winners will be announced Friday after lunch. 


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