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AIM2020 Demonstrations

AIM2020 will include instrument and experimental demonstrations at the conference venue as well as on campus. There will on-site demonstrations every day at the Berkeley City Club. There will also be off-site demonstrations at multiple campus locations on Friday, January 31, 10:15A – 12:15P. Please note on-campus demonstrations are a 10-15 minute walk. There will also be Vendor Fairs on Wednesday and Thursday at the BCC.

Vendor Fairs and Off-site Demonstrations are listed below. Please refer to your program and the Google Map on the Location tab for the building locations on campus. There are three main campus buildings hosting demonstrations for AIM: Life Sciences Addition (LSA), Li Ka Shing Center (LKS), and Barker Hall. 

You do not need to sign-up for a particular demonstration during registration. You may visit as many as you like and have time to see.

Demonstration Stations

Berkeley City Club      
Bluebox Niji and Vortran Versalase Niji – LED light system. Versalase – Laser diode light engine Lane Manning (AVR Optics)  
Ti2-E and Qi2 camera Ti2-E and Qi2 camera with NIS Elements Software Kristen Wickert (Nikon)  
Advanced Microscopy OCT OQ Scope from Lumedica Exoscope from Refined Optics/Lasers Optical Assemblies from Trestle Optics Stephen Smith (Refined Optical)  
LaVision Ultramicroscope II An intuitive, easy to use light-sheet system with fast 3D imaging of large samples and optimized illumination with up to six light sheets, variable light sheet thickness and dynamic horizontal focus, and MI Plan dipping objectives for all clearing solutions. David Castaneda-Castellanos  
Tutorials On-site at BCC during Friday Demos BYO Computer  
Software tutorials FLIM Analysis; Intro to Fiji; Intro to CellProfiler Wolfgang Becker; Kevin Eliceiri; Beth Cimini  
Life Sciences Addition (LSA)     Room
Voltage imaging with FLIM This demo will show how small molecule fluorescent reporters can be used to quantitatively measure voltage TCSPC fluorescence lifetime imaging. Anneliese Gest, Susanna Yaeger-Weiss (Miller Lab, in conjunction with the Molecular Imaging Center) 251-B
Functional + structural imaging on Airyscan This is a Zeiss LSM880 system. The experiment highlights how we determine the position and amount of presynaptic proteins in the fly neuromuscular junction. Ryan Schultz (Isacoff Lab) 251
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy Protein-retention expansion microscopy combined with the Zeiss Z.1 LSFM for high-throughput imaging with nanoscale resolution Kamran Ahmed (Bateup Lab) 211
Olympus Alpha 3 Lightsheet Alpha 3 Lightsheet – 1) Real time focusing with dual illumination, 2) Macro to micro objective options, 3) Up to 75 frames/sec 3D scanning and 4) Corrosion-resistant sample holders for imaging flexibility from in vivo live imaging of cell cultures to whole cleared tissues Tom DiMatteo (Olympus) 241
3D-SHOT 3D multiphoton holographic optogenetics Hillel Adesnik 205
Li Ka Shing Center     Room
QB3 HTSF and Opera Phenix Automated Confocal Mycroscopy System We will be showing how you can accelerate your multi-conditional high-content fluorescence experiments using our automated fluidics and automated confocal microscope for fixed, live, 2D, 3D microtissue, multiwell plates or slides. Come check out how to set up, image, and analyze! Mary West (QB3 High Throughput Screening Facility) 461
Hilo/TIRF microscope/Single particle tracking Homebuilt TIRF microscope for single particle tracking Ana Robles (Darzacq Lab) 361
Fast Volumetric Imaging Using Thorlabs’ Bergamo® Multiphoton Bessel Beam System A Bessel-beam-based, multi-photon imaging technique, available on our Bergamo® II and Mesoscope imaging systems – this ultra-fast, high-resolution technique provides video-rate volumetric functional imaging of neuronal pathways and interactions in vivo. Rick Gardner (ThorLabs, in conjunction with Ji Lab) 280
Barker Hall     Room
ABC Tour MOSAIC: Multimodal Optical Scope with Adaptive Imaging Correction Gokul Upadhyayula (Advanced Bioimaging Center) 318
Science art: gamifying novel multi-cilia in 3D Leveraging the Unity game engine to make 3D segmentations of novel nanoscale cilia structures inviting and interactive! Adam Zimmerman 318
Koshland Hall     Room
Elyra SIM Zeiss Elyra PS.1 SIM/PALM super-res scope Steve Ruzin (Biological Imaging Facility) 381
diSPIM – flexible dual-view light sheet ASI presents the diSPIM – a dual-view light sheet on a RAMM frame with custom multi-immersion objectives. Melissa Glidewell (ASI Imaging, in conjucntion with Meyer Lab) G33
Stanley Hall     Room
The C-Trap® Dual Optical Tweezers correlated with Single-molecule Confocal and super-resolution STED We will construct a dumbbell assay out of two trapped microspheres, with double-stranded λ-DNA tethered in-between the spheres. We will record force-distance curves (sub-pN range) to characterize DNA mechanics and add sytox to visualize the DNA Nastaran Hadizadeh (Lumicks) Room B308A

Map of Demonstration Locations


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